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Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

What is is a trend setting dating website with new technology to help you have a warm place online to meet your soulmate, and for our paid upgraded members you can go out and date all month!

Is it free to sign up?

Yes. You can enter a profile and a picture. When you are ready and want the extra benefits you would have to take a subscription. Feel free to upgrade at any time.

How much is the membership subscription?

The membership will be between $69 per month.

I filled out my profile and added a picture but I do not see it, is my profile in the system?

Good question, do not be alarmed your profile is probably in the system. Please give us a day or three to get approved and live.

What features do you have?

We have monthly magazine with dating news and stories, videos, private messaging, private video messaging, and much more...

What do I get with an upgraded membership?

With a subscription you will become a member and receive full access to all the features on the website.

  • Receive a copy of our VipDine&Date Magazine with the latest news, stories, interviews, dating ideas, etc

  • You will also receive a $50 restaurant card good for over 50,000 franchises and local restaurants throughout the United States to pay for your date once a month.

  • You will be granted free entry to all our events such as exclusive members only wine tastings, movies, cooking dates, art shows, fashion shows, date nights etc, with drinks and food included.

  • Possibly meet your favorite celebrity musician, actor, or athlete.

  • You can also invite a non member who will be able to attend with you for free if you like.

  • With a phone call you will be able to get car service, limo, party buses, airfare, private jets, vacation packages for your family or friends at lowest cost and still receive 5% Cash Back.

How do I get a membership card?

You can receive a membership card by just upgrading to at least a one month paid subscription.

When will I get my membership card?

You will receive your membership card in 7-10 business days after you have taken a paid subscription. Make sure you filled out your true name and address for the subscription.

Who can get a membership card?

Everyone who has at least a one month paid subscription and is 21 years of age and over, reason being you can use your membership card in venues.

If I refer a friend can I get paid?

Yes. We have an awesome Referral Affiliate Program were you can receive payment of up to $10 per referral with bonuses just by referring your family or friends to and they take a paid subscription! Everyone will want to be a part of this new dating industry changer. You can enjoy the benefits and get paid. We would rather pay our members and friends than expensive advertisement and commercials.

We have amazing tools to make it easy for you to earn extra income, like cool looking banners for your website or blog, and being able to keep track if the person you refer decides to upgrade months later taking a paid subscription. Go to the referral program tab or click here to get more information and sign up.